Well that was a short introduction of the man power. they are one of the main reasons why my trip was a memorable, well lets proceed then, first I am going to tell you about the city where I was staying.
U all must be knowing about the suez canal, yeah exactly the same city where i was staying,

Suez was actually a cool and good place,the only industry there was a petrochemical company called "petrojet",so there wasnt much pollution or disturbance,so we can safely say it is one of the calmest city in egypt.
Coming to the sightseeing,there is nothing much to do there ,u can visit suez canal but cant take the photos due to their rules,there is this place called "cornice"(which means banks of water),where u can sit and chat the whole night.and only thing which doesnt have problem for are the cafe's,u will find a lot of cafe's which happens to be the ideal place for all the chit chats.

If u want to go for a shopping,then the only place where u can shop is in downtown.
Sea food are among the must try dishes here in suez,other than that u will find koshary(national dish of egypt)points,pizza stores,coffee shops etc.

Even if you are a vegetarian then nothing to worry,u will get vegan foods too.apart from these u will find few good continental restaurants too in suez, and also the city is clean,parks are well maintained,drivers are the worst,riders are horrible,so overall suez is *good*