And then we arrive at the most popular and loved destination of Egypt, yes Dahab it is

We took a car from Suez to Dahab and its almost a 6-hour drive amidst the desert. (carry a sufficient amount of water or travel at  night) . As its a famous tourist spot for foreigners, the security is pretty intense. So Dahab basically is like a weekend getaway, no fuss, no historical monuments, no restrictions. All you have to do is just enjoy, there are ample opportunities for entertainment here, which ranges from camel safari, speed boat ride to snorkeling and scuba diving. We stayed in the hotel for 3 days, and the beach was very nearby, so the first two days we tried out all the water activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, and standboarding and we went on a long ATV ride, depending upon the place of your stay, you can actually try out snorkeling wherever you want.

It is a home for all sort of food and drinks, yes alcohol is available literally everywhere unlike other cities in Egypt, There are continental food courts, Indian and Chinese restaurants, etc, its a very diverse place, English is like the official language here, people (even locals understand English here), there is a place which actually belongs to Saudi Arabia , but you can actually go there for a night, have fun, lit up bonfire, etc, (strictly only for a large group of friends).