Right after Dahab, the next weekend we planned on exploring the country capital Cairo, We had one spare day and that is when decided to go on to take one of the most adventurous and tiring trips to Faiyum

Faiyum is a small city situated in the middle of the desert about 100 km from Cairo city. And mode of transportation was only jeep and that too in the desert, it was nothing but a desert safari as the roads weren't there for the most part of it.

We started our journey and our first location was Wadi El Rayan. You might wonder what's so special about this, but yeah what you are about to read will really stun you, there is no habitation here, but there is a sweet water lake here and its not an oasis, told you !!, so you might ask where does the lake get it to water in the desert, the answer is through a WATERFALL. Yes, there is a waterfall in the middle of the desert and that is why this place is so special and why you shouldn't miss this place.

There is also a small restaurant, as we had to hydrate ourselves continuously, we just packed the food and left for our next destination and that would be to the Fossils and Climate Museum.

Talking about the museum, people say this was once a heaven for all the archeological fraternity across the world, it strongly supports the ancient Egyptian mythology which states that Egypt was actually a sea and not a desert. They have found bones of the different whales and a lot of aquatic animals, they still claim that if they dig deep they will found a lot of evidences, apart from that they also have a small movie room where they play brief us about the museum and how the climate changes there and how is it measured.

The temperature during our time of visit was around 46-degree centigrade, its unbearable, it's advised to carry a lot of water bottles.

We finished our lunch here and it was about 4 p.m when we were done here. So we decided to take up some rest and there was an oasis nearby, so we went there and took some rest until the sun was set.

Once the temperature started reducing, We decided to be cheeky as we all set to play sandboarding. Well don't ask if we could nail it to perfection because of course, we couldn't, but it was one hell of an experience as it was only us and literally, no one was present, and after all the madness and fun, the temperature started to drop drastically, so we went on to make bonfire.

After a while we returned back to our rooms in Cairo (yes we drove a 100 kms at night in the middle of the desert, awesome right :)), so as a whole amidst the deadly temperature, it was a journey worth remembering