So after three days of constant grilling and gruesome weather, we were heading towards a more hotter place, between these two cities the only relaxing thing was the journey in a AC apartment. it took about 2 hours to reach the final destination. And it was almost night when we had reached Aswan. we took a small city tour and drowsed off.

 Aswan is not that big of a city, so there isnt much to look around apart from a couple of scintillating things. One was the powerhouse of Egypt or otherwise known as Aswan Dam, which allegedly supplies electricity to most parts of the egypt, even though we werent allowed to go inside the power plant, we were granted to have a closer look, which was actually more than sufficient

 Once this was done, we decided to visit a ancient temple considering its famous for the architecture. And yeah Egypt has a lot of ancient places, A real heaven for all the archaeologists

We then decided to head out to one of the rarest places, the Elephantine island. we had to take a ferry to reach our destination

What makes this island a prominent one is the fact that these people have absolutely no connection with anyone other than their islandmates, they also happen to speak a different language unline all other egyptians. And they also worship crocodile as they consider it as a holy being. We were offered a welcome drink in the form of Hibiscus Tea which also is one of the most prominent beverages of Egypt, we loitered there for about an hour 

And we headed back to the main city. On our way back there was another island which is now known as Aswan botanical garden. Its also a home for a lot of ancient trees and plants. it may not be a prominent tourist destination, but the weather there certainly makes us love the place as it cools us down with really cool breeze. A must try though

As i mentioned earlier, there arent a lot of places to explore in Aswan, so our stay was cut short and we decided to head back to our nest Suez, Talking about transportation in luxor and aswan, The Taxis or cabs are very common, Luxor has an airport and aswan doesnt. So if you are travelling to other prominent cities , then the best means of transport is Bus as it connect luxor and aswan to the rest of egypt, trains travels till Cairo and the luxor airport has direct flights to sharm el sheikh and cairo. The restaurants are good, vegetarians dont have a problem. The ATM's are ample in number in both the cities, Apart from the weather everything alligned so smoothly for us. And yeah we took a train back to cairo and then we reached suez by a car and the total duration from aswan to suez was about 20 hours.

UFFFF!!! yeah i am not kidding